Caring.  Guiding.  D & S Healing

At D & S Healing Center our goal is to help you realize the inherent strength of who you are and  attain a unique level of wellness and health. Our team of licensed clinicians and psychologists provide confidential individual, family or group therapy in a comfortable, conveniently located outpatient setting. From executive wellness, cognitive behavioral interventions, sports psychology, mindfulness and couples counseling the talents and interests of our clinicians allows for tailored therapeutic work that integrate elements of traditional therapies, community care and holistic interventions. 

A Fresh Perspective

In today's plugged in society people often find themselves "connected", yet feeling out of touch with others.  D & S Healing offers a fresh perspective by holding true to the personalized interaction that we all are are hardwired to thrive in and learn from.  Someone to talk to from the first point of contact, someone who can hear you, assess what may work best and, in real time begin the work of healing that prompted the call. 

A progressive team of clinicians

A review of our clinical team reveals areas of specialty ranging from the treatment of depression, anxiety, relationship transitions  and employ a host of therapeutic interventions including cognitive behavioral, supportive, sports psychology, meditation, yoga and holistic approaches depending on the clinician and what is indicated based and history and goals for treatment.  We treat a diverse population ranging in age from late adolescent to geriatric, women's issues, acceptance, couples, individuals and families, as well as impaired professionals and those working through phase of life transitions.   

Welcome to healing.