It’s who we are

Our compassion for those we serve extends far beyond our profession as psychologists and therapists.  It's the reason why we became clinicians and continues to inform, enrich and inspire our practice today.  

Tracy - Mindfulness, Initiative and Hope

Tracy remains consistent in her efforts to help a range of communities.  These efforts have resulted in initiating drives in Southeastern Wisconsin to get donations of feminine products to the homeless and she has become a valuable resource to the mental health and holistic and wellness communities across Milwaukee.  While well versed in a range of therapeutic interventions in her practice, her emphasis on teaching mindfulness, energetic chakra balancing and the benefits of guided meditation have benefited many across communities often not familiar with such approaches.  Tracy also provides Employee Assistance services for large and small corporations in Milwaukee and surrounding suburbs.  As well as being a guest speaker for community organizations.

Ken -  Awareness, Advocacy and Development 

A march in support of children separated from their families. Organized by Dr. Cole with support of many in the community.

A march in support of children separated from their families. Organized by Dr. Cole with support of many in the community.

Dr. Cole's work in psychology extends far beyond direct service.  Over the years he's conducted numerous workshops, lectured, presented to students and educators, promoted environmental stewardship and written several published children's books aimed at promoting positive outcomes in individuals and communities.  Some of these efforts include his award winning children's book, No Bad News, lectures on topics ranging from countering the stigma of mental illness in the African-American community to  countering trends of urban violence.  Within his own community he has served on the Parks Commission of Shorewood, lead voter turnout initiatives, remains active in the Shorewood School's Diversity Workgroup and serves as Vice Chairperson, for the Surfrider Foundation Milwaukee.  Such diverse interests reflect Dr. Cole's belief in the importance of balance as well as engaging and utilizing all resources to achieve wellness and health. 

Pardeep - Countering Extremism 

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Education, service and teaching have been interwoven throughout the fabric of Pardeep's life for decades and is not limited to his work as a clinician.  With interests and careers as diverse as being a teacher in Milwaukee Public Schools, to serving the community as a Milwaukee Police Officer, Pardeep continues to give of his time in the interest of bettering the lives of those around him.  

These efforts now guide and inspire those struggling with the effects of violent extremism both as survivors as well as potential actors of such horrific acts.  His international workshops, TED Talks and work with youth are helping to turn the tide and not only help those suffering, but also prevent such beliefs from taking root in the first place. 

Ramel - Inspiring Youth & Maximizing Performance

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One thread that is interwoven through all of Dr. Smith's work is the tireless and inspired efforts to bolster communities across the country as it relates to youth achieving their goals, resilience, manhood and empowering oft-overlooked elements in our society.  A nationally known speaker on sports psychology, trauma and community psychology, Dr. Smith has also taught and lectured at area universities ranging in subjects from ethics and empowerment to research and evaluation.  In addition to these efforts, he has been the recipient of the Men Who Walk in Spirit Award, as well as the Children's Legacy and Manhood Award.  

Tracey - Leveraging Strengths and Lifting Spirits

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From working with the United Nations while serving in Haiti, to leading local youth and families in faith-based workshops addressing the experience of survivors of trauma and abuse, Tracey's volunteer efforts share the same purpose and vision as her clinical work.  With an emphasis on leadership and maximizing potential this has helped individuals both in the workplace through bolstering job place strategies and leveraging strengths, as well as resulted in improved outcomes for employers and other social service agencies.  With such dedication much of her "spare time" is spent continuing elements and the mission of her work as a clinician.  And while for some that may sound tiring, for Tracey it's the very thing that keeps her motivated and moving day in and day out. .We are honored at D & S Healing to have the opportunity to be with those on their healing journey whether in therapy or in the community. Honored and blessed because such work is in keeping with our passions and focus in our personal professional lives. Each member of the D & S Healing team has balanced their lives with a continued focus on enriching their community. This includes writing books aimed at inspiring children, to combating racism and hate, as well as healing journeys through yoga and volunteer work across the globe including Haiti, Norway and Spain.