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This is who we are.

The D & S Healing Team is honored and proud to provide the community of Southeastern Wisconsin a fresh perspective and approach to mental health and wellness.  One that allows for specialized treatment that is tailored to meet you where you're at, with a keen focus on where you want to go. Depression, anxiety, executive wellness, sports psychology, couples counseling and behavioral disorders represent some of our diverse array of interests and expertise.  We welcome the opportunity to dialogue about who we are as a first step to help you get to know yourself better and move forward.   Take a moment to learn more about what motivates our work and take the next step toward scheduling your first session.  

Tracy Treacy, MS, LPC, Executive Director

Pardeep Singh Kaleka, LPC

Tracey Golden, LPC

Dr. Ken Cole, Licensed Psychologist

Healing is a matter of time, but it is also sometimes a matter of opportunity
— Hippocrates

Dr. Ramel Smith, Licensed Psychologist